How to Find the Best Anime Wig: The Ultimate Guide So you dig anime?  Now if you are one of the many fans who feel that drawing your favorite characters is simply not enough, you may have come across the following crucible: dress the part without dying in the attempt. After all, who can efficiently dye their hair in pink? Since attempting to copy the anime hairstyle is something not likely to happen, unless you are a professional hair stylist, then your second best choice is to look for the best cosplay wigs available on the market. Finding the Best Anime Wigs: A Comprehensive Guide How to find the best anime wigs on the internet calls for a methodical strategy that involves taking one step at a time. Here are the main points:
  1. Identifying Quality: A few factors can help to determine the overall quality of any wig, so look out for these signs:
  • Heat Resistant: A good-quality wig must resist from 150 to 180 ºC
  • Thickness: Good-quality wigs must be thick for several reasons. First off, thin wigs get easily tangled and make the net much more revealing, thus increasing the “fake” look. In few words, thickness equals quality.
  • Wig Cap: Adjustable wig caps are also a sign of superior quality. Even when the net is sometimes available in a nude or light color, you should look for one that is of the same color as the strands. This way, a more natural look is ensured.
  • Stylist-friendly: Look for a wig that can be style in dos.
  • Avoid Shiny: Shiny wigs are not a good idea because they tend to look too artificial. Besides, shiny wigs wear away sooner.
  1. Looking for Quality-Price Relation: Few people realize that there truly exists a price-quality connection that cannot be overlooked. Whereas spending a fortune to look like your favorite character does not make any sense, you should also be aware of the fact that none of those cheapo wigs you could find in those costume stores will be of any use. To begin with, the material they are generally made of will not last even for one wear. Secondly, they cannot be handled much, let alone styled. Finally, they look hideous. On the other hand, you may find some decent wigs for less than $40 that can be well worth your buck.
  2. Analyzing the Elements: When it comes to choosing materials, the best cosplay wigs can be made of several alternatives. The three major categories include: synthetic, human and a combination of human hair and lace. Since human hair is so costly, synthetic is surely the most sensible alternative. Even so, not all synthetic hair is made of the same materials, here are the options:
Kanekalon: Perhaps the most popular material for colsplay wigs, this synthetic fiber is the most cost-effective because as long as it is protected with the help of the right products, it can be styled by using a cold heat flat or curling iron. The con: they do get tangled easily. Bottom line: nothing will look as real for such little money. Toyokalon: Probably the least real-looking hair. They are totally color saturated and cannot be styled or colored. Nonetheless, they are thick and do not get tangled easily. Perfect pick for specific uses, such as photo shoots, theatrical performances and parties. Monofilament Wigs: Made of a combination of plastic materials and nylon, these types of wigs are the most expensive, yet the most naturally-looking ones. Choosing the best anime wigs can look like a daunting task at first, but it needn’t be: just follow this simple guide. Most of the wigs carried at Love Hair Amore are based off of Kanekalon hair, but we do carry a couple of Monofilament wigs here and there.            

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